At H19_IMG_7424.sm.jpgOPE.wrx, we would be nowhere without our volunteers! Would you like to join the treasured ranks of those who help us serve the needy in Clay and Platte Counties? Here are some of the activities which can fulfill your life as they have others:

The HOPE.wrx Food Pantry is open for two hours five days a week, is manned by 31 volunteers, in teams of four or five people. Our hardworking volunteers stock shelves with food, assist visitors as they shop for groceries, and bag groceries for our visitors. Other volunteers bag donated bread and pizza, as well as bulk items such as pet food and laundry soap. Another team of drivers picks up and delivers groceries to the Food Pantry each week. Do you know anyone 14 years and older (unless accompanied by a parent) who needs to complete service hours? Do you want to get involved in a worthwhile local cause? All we ask is that you be committed and consistently available. Contact Marilyn Smith at 816-729-2095 or hopewrxorg@gmail.com, for more information on how you can help!

108_IMG_7513sm.jpgThe HOPE.wrx Family Pack program, which provides several meals for an entire family of hungry school children at seven Northland schools, is handled by 15-17 volunteers in Teams of three to five people. Each Team takes a month during the school year, and fills about 160 backpacks each week of their month for children to take home on the weekends, feeding more than 600 family members. A team of drivers picks up and delivers backpacks to each school each week. Volunteers are always needed for our Family Pack program. If your church ministry, community organization, or youth group would like to form a Family Pack Team, we only ask that your team be available for one night weekly, a month at a time. Please contact Marilyn Smith at 816-729-2095 or hopewrxorg@gmail.com to see that hungry families in Clay and Platte counties are fed each week during the school year!

HOPE.wrx is always in need of helpers for miscellaneous tasks such as clerical work, tearing down boxes, and stuffing envelopes. Would you like to spend an afternoon helping in some simple but critical way? Contact Marilyn Smith at 816-729-2095 or hopewrxorg@gmail.com, and join the ranks of our beloved volunteers!